GMC continues to provide a proven and an efficient logistics and delivery transportation solution for our clients,
thanks to our professional team in Malta and our network of experienced agents on the European mainland. We continue to ensure that your cargo is delivered safely, on time and on budget. Each one of these services (listed below) is a singular commitment by this company to provide an integrated suite of services and an uncompromising service standard that works for you and your company, time and again.
GPS Information Systems Each GMC truck carries a GPS satellite tracking system that allows the movements of GMC trucks and their drivers on the European mainland to be controlled entirely from the operations room in Malta. This satellite system monitors the latest position of GMC's trucks on an hourly basis and a monitor and keyboard in each truck permits the driver to maintain a two-way contact with the GMC office. This tracking system informs the operations office if the truck is switched on or off (working or not) so that the progress and timing of each delivery can be predicted more accurately en route to match routings and timings with clients' needs. Planning decisions are made at the GMC office for the viability of a direct approach to ensure that a shipment is not miss-delivered or miss-routed. This direct pick-up approach is critical if loads and pick-up times are be carefully coordinated or when the company needs to send a full loading address to a driver immediately.
Trailer Operator Service We operate a guaranteed weekly truck and trailer service to mainland Europe and from there to Malta. These European countries include: Austria, Belgium, France Germany, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and UK.
Other European countries that we operate in include: Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.
GMC offers you both a Full Load service and a Groupage Trailer service. Individual clients use the Full Load service using a complete trailer bound for just one destination. Our Groupage trailer service is available for different clients who need to send goods to different destinations, each using only part of the GMC truck or trailer.
International Freight Forwarding Service In keeping with our ambition and our Mission, we are meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations on a daily basis. Our approach to the task of freight forwarding ensures the smooth flow of international trade for our customers. GMC ensures that internationally traded goods under its care move from point of origin to point of destination to arrive at the right place at the right time in good order and condition at the most economic cost possible without incurring many of the setbacks that can occur on such long journeys between source and destination.
International Import and Export Network Services To be competitive in price and service quality, GMC places great emphasis on the geographic spread and quality of its agent network across the European market. Based on this solid logistics support, our agents provide the professional flexibility that is required to generate greater efficiencies for our clients in expediting consignments in key geographical destinations, bearing in mind the variable factors of agent location, destination of the goods in hand and, of course, time. GMC's experience in freight forwarding ensures that the company delivers on its promise to deliver on time, on budget and to the client's pre-determined destination in a safe and timely manner.
It is not always logistically viable to drive our trailers and trucks directly to the loading destination due to the long distances and timeframes involved. Which is why our agents load the major part of our shipments on GMC's behalf. However, the company does have the option to load the consignment directly with our drivers who drive to the location with the truck and trailer.
Customs Clearing Agents Services GMC takes a meticulous approach to this service with strict confidentiality at all times through a computer link with the customs office in Malta. On mainland Europe, our network of agents supervises the efficient customs clearance of all GMC consignments when they are required. Their own department takes care of the customs clearance while others hire a specialized company to do this.
Warehousing Storage and Packing Service Storage and packing is an important quality element of GMC's service to its clients. Our large, custom-bonded warehouse at the Hal Far Groupage Complex carries a 300 sq. meter footprint for all kinds of cargo. During the time that a client's consignment is housed at our warehouse, security procedures are given a high priority. Professional packing procedures, too, ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely and in good shape.
Freight Consultancy Service GMC's advisory service is freely available for all our existing and prospective clients.
The company advises clients on queries like groupage trailer loading, customers clearance, brokerage handling issues and other important services that affect the effective freight forwarding operation of the client's consignments.
Heavy Lifts Service GMC specialize in many different types of road cargo and the company has the necessary equipment to do so. These include abnormal loads, air suspension trailers with top or side loading facilities for all types of machinery as well as the unloading and positioning of machinery on site.
Domestic Haulage Service When the trailer comes to Malta full with cargo of different clients, it is taken to the Hal Far Groupage bonded warehouse where it is unloaded. Most of these clients hire local hauliers to bring their shipment to their local warehouse. We can offer this type of service for any type of transport and delivery that has to be made on the Maltese Islands. Trailer equipment like tilt trailers, step frame trailers and straight frame trailers are all carried by GMC for this purpose. Our associate company in Malta clears all the necessary documentation.
Airfreight & Container Services We can offer airfreight and container services through our network of service providers. GMC specializes in a direct trailer service based on its own fleet of Scania trucks and trailers. Trailer capacity varies between 90 – 97 cubic meters (cbm) and each trailer is 13.6 meters in length.